Alex Urquhart-Taylor

Highland pipes, Border pipes, Whistles

Originally from Manchester, Alex moved to the Highlands at the age of 5. He first got involved in piping at the age of 8 when he took up the practice chanter. Initially taught by Pipe Major Norman Gillies, and later by Pipe Major John Burgess, he soon joined the local pipe band, The Ullapool and District Pipe Band, where he rapidly rose to the rank of Pipe Major. During this time he also competed regularly, winning numerous prizes including gold at the National Mod. At the age of 17 he helped form a band that won a prestigious Danny Kyle award at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow. He also became a founder member of the National Youth Pipe Band, and with them played at numerous prestigious events, including performing to over 50,000 people in Spain.

While studying at Edinburgh, Alex was involved in various other musical projects. He has appeared on BBC 1’s Hogmanay Live show, and as part the show “Beòlach”, as well as playing on numerous CDs. Alexwm was also involved in Donald Shaw’s “Harvest”, a musical collaboration bringing together traditional musicians from throughout the world with young musicians from Scotland.

More recently, Alex has moved to Perth, where he still performs with Òr Ceilidh Band, as well as other projects including Awry, Dab Hand Ceilidh Band and other projects.